1.47inch full screen smart watch with body tempearture measurement

      In the world, most smart wearable watches are from Shenzhen China, always go ahead in this industry. Below our new model X6 with 1.47inch full screen colorful display with display with an accurate and fast touchscreen response , similar Huawei band6, aluminum alloy metal body with ABS case, aluminum alloy is a high cost material design can be customized various color for watch body, and it’s light weight, that’s difference from Zinc alloy, and the dials can be DIY, you can set your photo as dials, and many dials for your options.

Waterproof IP68 desc (2)

       As we all know Noise is the leading brand in India when it comes to smartwatches in the market. This is largely possible because of the brand’s affordable range and new product launches in rapid succession. The latest is the Noise ColorFit Calibre, which comes with a body temperature sensor rarely found on most fitness or smartwatches, actually body temperature measurement technology was widely used in 2020 because of Covid-19, it seems now finally is accepted by most brand, Noise started it, it’s from Shenzhen China too, same our watch is built in body temperature sensor, which can monitor your body temperature 24hours and continuously heart rate measurement.

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       Also it has IP68 waterproof rating and can be used for swimming, better not diving, all sport data can be synchronized into APP, check your movement trajectory, the ability to locate your phone and control music. It also shows notifications from your phone, including incoming calls, any social media message review, very stable and mature technology, like the watch will also alert you if you’ve been sedentary for a long time and reminding you to have medicine et very normal and ordinary features.

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      Still choose Realtech8762C low consumption chipset, Bluetooth 5.0, our watch can last 7 to 10 days of battery life under normal use, it depends, like you track a lot of workout sessions, or the notifications kept coming. Anyway, a week of battery life is more than enough. 

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Post time: Feb-11-2022