ECG body temperature smart watch

ECG body temperature smart watch

Short Description:

Model no.: E66

Chip: NRF52832

APP Name: SmartHealth

Standby Day: 25days, Using time: 7days

Colour: balck blue red.

Features: Body temperature, ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, multi exercise mode, Health care function

Product Detail

Product Tags

All-day temperature monitor

Questions are automatically monitored 24 hours a day,and temperature data is synchronized to

E66 ECG smart bracelet (1)

ECG+ PPG ECG monitor

Big screen shows dynamic ECG to keep track of your health

E66 ECG smart bracelet (2)

Thermometer on the wrist

Easy temperature measurement within 19~32℃

E66 ECG smart bracelet (3)





measurement accuracy±0.1 degrees Celsius



temperature check

E66 ECG smart bracelet (3)


core test more accurate

The bracelet not only uses the dual-light enhanced PPG photoelectric sensor, but also a compact bracelet

Equipped with an ECG ECG,

which improves the level of monitoring2020 medical certification chips Ti129

E66 ECG smart bracelet (4)

ECG AL report

Larger heart rate variability indicates better autonomic nervoussystem coordination The body has more vitality, and measuring

heart rate variability can intuitively reflect a

Physical health

E66 ECG smart bracelet (5)


Smart ECG body temperature bracelet

Professional medicat chip-temperature

monitoring function

ECG function,Al medical diagnosis

E66 ECG smart bracelet (6)

lP68 life waterproof

meet everyday life waterproof, cold water (washing hands,showering, swimming) is no problem,

But do not touch hot water

E66 ECG smart bracelet (7)

HD large screen

HD 1.08 color screen smart, sensitive touch screen,Get access to everyday applications

View health and activity statistics with a daily data display panel

Get the encouragement you need to reach your goals

E66 ECG smart bracelet (8)

Product parameter:

E66 ECG smart bracelet Specification
Master Chip: NRF52832
ECG: Ti129
PPG chip: Silicon labs
Virbation: Loundspeaker Mute/Vibration
Waterpfoof Level: IP68
Display screen: 1.08 Color screen 
Bluetooth: 4.0 BLE(Low power)
Battery: Polymeter Lithium Battery  (105mAh)
Waterproof Level: IP68
Material: Front Shell: PC, Face Shell Electrode: Powder Metallurgy, Back Shell: Plastic Injection Molded 316 Stainless Steel, Wristband: Environmental TPU
Item size: L*W*H=26*23*11MM
Main functions of the smartwatch
Heart rate detection: Support
Blood oxygen test: Support
Blood pressure test: Support
EGC: Support
Sleep detection:  (Sleep time ,Sleep quality)
Multi Sport mode: Running, cycling, swimming, badminton
Other features: Global font content push, Clock alarm,  Body fat, step counting, calories, distance,caller alerts, alarm clock alerts, hand-up display, social sharing (Wechat, , Facebook, Twitter, etc.)Shake the picture, sit for a long time to remind.
Main functions of the APP
Pedestrian counting, heart rate data Spo2 BP synchronization: Support 
Exercise: Miles, steps
Sleep monitoring date record: Sleep quality, sleeping and waking time, deep and light sleep time
Goal setting: Support 
App name: SmartHealth
The firmware language: Chinese, traditional, English, Japanese, French, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Malaysia, Korean, Poland
App languages: Chinese, traditional, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Thai, Russian
Mobile version supported: Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above 

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